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Akashic Records

It is a shame that they haven't done a second season on this because it is overall a good series.
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Expired discord invite

The discord invite in the wiki is expired. Can anyone link me the newest one?
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How much LN volumes did the Anime adapt?

^ That's the question + do you know if there are some minor differences of the Anime series and the LN? Ah, and btw. am i the only one hoping for at least an announcement of an OVA or something at the Fantasia Bunko Festival this year? xD
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Glenn and White Cat like each other, don't they?
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Idea of New Wiki Designs

Hi all my fellows, I've been promoted and became the latest admin/sysop of the wiki. My very first task is to use coding to update the new designs and theme. Check it out new interface yourself and leave below your comments and ideas to improve it.

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Theme Colour

Hey guys,

As I am editing some articles I've been seeing the change in colours, some templates are in purple and lavender and some in blue and white, so I was wondering that we choose one colour instead of having a variety of colours.

Hope you guys have some suggestions
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