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This article contains information beyond anime adaptation, that includes offical information from the light novel and the manga.

Albert Frazer

Albert-Frazer infobox

Albert Frazer

Albert Frazer-Manga

アルベルト=フレイザー Aruberuto Fureizā
Alias The Star (, Hoshi)
Epithet The Greatest Sniper in the Empire (帝国随一の狙撃手, Teikoku Zuiichi no Sogekishu)
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 9
Anime Episode 4
Voice Actors
Japanese Hiroki Takahashi
English Austin Tindle
Personal Data
Race Human
Status Alive
Gender Male Icon Male
Professional Status
Affiliation(s) Imperial Court Mage Corps
Occupation(s) Execution officer
Partner(s) Re=L Rayford(former)
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Albert Frazer (アルベルト=フレイザー, Aruberuto Fureizā) is an execution officer from the Imperial Court Mage Corps and an old comrade of Glenn Radars. He has earned the title "The Greatest Sniper in the Empire" due to his overwhelming long range and accuracy and possesses the "The Star" card.  

Appearance Edit

Albert visual

Albert appears to be a handsome young man with average height and weight. He has indigo-tinted black hair and a pair of hawk-like sharp eyes. He is usually seen wearing the uniform of the Imperial Court Mage Corps Special Force, with a cross on his cravat.

Personality Edit

Albert conducts himself in a serious manner, especially in his job, and lacks humour. He has a calm nature and can maintain his composure even in battle, as demonstrated during his battle against Eleanor Charlet. Before taking action, he carefully considers the safety of others and the consequences of his actions. He cares deeply for Glenn and is calm in serious situations like when Glenn was deeply wounded by Re=L. He tends to hide his emotions and keep a poker face, which makes it hard for people to read him.

Abilities Edit

Physical Power Edit

He is capable of casually busting mountains with his punches.

Magic Usage Edit

Is capable of blowing up entire armies with single shots of his sniper magic.

Intelligence Edit

Capable of beating Rick Sanchez in prep.

Relationships Edit

Imperial Court Mage Corps Edit

Glenn Radars Edit

Albert and Glenn have known each other since before the start of the series. They have a close relationship, as they are really good friends(even though they rarely show it). Albert was desperate to save him when he was stabbed by Re=L. He cares for Glenn's safety, warning him before Re=L's betrayal about the potential danger she posed and telling him not to get involved in the mission concerning the reappearance of Angel's Dust. They often meet each other in a bar talking about missions and threats that could potentially harm Glenn. He later resents Glenn after finding out the truth about the death of his parents.[1]

Re=L Rayford Edit

Albert and Re=L were partners before the start of the series. During the course of the series, Albert and Re=L were assigned to the protection of Rumia Tingel in different capacities, with Re=L attending the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy as a student and Albert acting as the real guard behind the scenes. Albert was aware of the potential danger Re=L posed before her betrayal and had suspected that the Researchers of Divine Wisdom would attempt to use her for their plans.

References Edit

  1. Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor Volume 7

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