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Albert Frazer

Albert Frazer mugshot

Albert Frazer LN

アルベルト=フレイザー Aruberuto Fureizā
Alias The Star ( Hoshi?)
Epithet The Greatest Sniper of the Empire (帝国随一の狙撃手 Teikoku Zuiichi no Sogekishu?)
Personal Data
Race Human
Status Alive
Gender Male Icon Male
Voice Actors
Japanese Hiroki Takahashi
English Austin Tindle
Professional Status
Affiliation(s) Imperial Court Mage Corps
Occupation(s) Execution officer
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 9
Anime Episode 4

Albert Frazer (アルベルト=フレイザー Aruberuto Fureizā?) is an execution officer from the Imperial Court Mage Corps and an old comrade of Glenn Radars. He is the current holder of "The Star" card.  

Appearance Edit

Albert is a tall and handsome man with long midnight-blue hair and gold eyes.

Personality Edit

Albert is a serious guy who takes his job very seriously and lacks humour.


His history is largely unknown, but at some point in time, he became an Alzano Imperial Court Mage.

Abilities Edit


Glenn Radars Edit

Albert and Glenn have known each other prior to the series. They are close friends as Albert was desperate to save him when he was stabbed by Rel=L. He cares for his safety warning him about Re=L before her betrayal. He later resents Glenn after finding out the truth about the death of his parents.


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