Celica Arfonia

Celica anime

Celica LN2

セリカ=アルフォネア Serika Arufonea
Alias The World (世界 Sekai?)
Epithet Witch (魔女 Majo?)
Professor Arfonia (アルフォネア教授 Arufonea Kyōju?)
Personal Data
Race Human
Status Alive
Gender Female Icon Female
Age 400+
Voice Actors
Japanese Eri Kitamura
English Morgan Garrett
Professional Status
Affiliation(s) Alzano Imperial Magic Academy Symbol Alzano Imperial Magic Academy
Imperial Court Mage Corps(former)
Occupation(s) Professor
Execution officer (former)
First Appearance
Manga Volume #1, Chapter #1
Anime Episode #1
Image Gallery

Celica Arfonia (セリカ=アルフォネア Serika Arufonea?) is a professor of the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy and former execution officer of the Imperial Court Mage Corps. She is one of the secondary characters in the series and acts as a mother figure to Glenn Radars. She is known as the greatest mage on the continent and current holder of "The World" card.

Appearance Edit

Celica happens to be a woman of average height and weight. She has pale skin and sharp garnet-ruby eyes. She has long golden blonde hair that cascades pass down her back, had a half-up style with a braid in which hangs over her left shoulder and have blonde bangs that cover her forehead, with a rose pin attached to the side of her hair. She is usually seen wearing a long back dress that has a red ruffle at the very bottom to match the color of the red pin in her hair, it is accompanied by long black gloves that go up right to the caps of her shoulders and black heels.

Personality Edit

Celica is a wise and intelligent woman who can be playful at times but behaves according to the situation. She cares deeply for Glenn, worried about his welfare as she recommended him as the new substitute teacher for class 2 and to the point of putting her reputation at stake. She has built a big reputation at the Alzano Magic Imperial Academy as well as throughout the country. She likes to often tease Glenn with her antics causing him to feel embarrassed, but is very supportive of Glenn and his students and is willing to do anything for her loved ones.


It is largely unknown of her background, but she was a former Alzano Imperial Executioner. At some point in time, she adopted Glenn and took him under her wing, teaching him magic that he knows and uses today. She seems to be quite famous as she possesses the magic card "The World".

Plot Edit

Celica is first seen when she sits next to a younger Glenn teaching him about the mage of justice. She watches him read the book at the beginning of the episode. Later she sits at the top of the academy complaining about Glenn being late for his first day.[1]

Abilities Edit

References Edit

  1. Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor episode 1

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