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"The Magic Competition"
魔術競技祭 Majutsu Kyōgi-sai
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Japanese April 25, 2017
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Lecture IV: "The Magic Competition" (魔術競技祭, Majutsu Kyōgi-sai) is the fourth episode of the Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor anime series.

Synopsis Edit

The Magic Competition is coming up and Sistine and Rumia try to get their classmates to participate but they refuse. Glenn then shows up and tells them he'll make the decision of who joins as the class prepare for headache. However, Glenn surprises them with his selection method which earns surprise from many of them until he gives his reasons since there are events which are best suited for a few. Sistine and Rumia are surprised that in spite of his laziness, Glenn had actually been paying attention to their class' skill.

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Episode NotesEdit

Differences between the Light Novel and Manga Edit

  • Celica doesn't attempt to blast Glenn like in the manga but does grab his head
  • Glenn doesn't have much of an inner monologue when talking to Gibul before Sistine intervenes on his behalf.
    • Also Gibul's argument with Sistine is shortened.
  • Glenn doesn't have a flashback of his exemption from the magic festival, like in the manga.
  • Glenn doesn't grab the students by the collars as he does in the manga
  • Halley ponders for a while before he accepts Glenn's bet after seeing his students face's which prompt him to agree.
    • In the manga, he doesn't accept until after Sistine appears.

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