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Eve Ignite
Eve Ignite LN
イヴ=イグナイト Ivu Igunaito
Alias The Magician (魔術師, Majutsushi)

Lord Scarlet (紅焰公,ロードスカーレット)

Epithet The Strongest Close Range Magician (近距離魔術戦最強の証, Kinkyori Majutsusen Saikyo no Akashi)
Personal Data
Race Human
Status Alive
Gender Female Icon Female
Professional Status
Affiliation(s) Imperial Court Mage Corps
Ignite Family
Occupation(s) Manager
Executive officer
Image Gallery

Eve Ignite (イヴ=イグナイト, Ivu Igunaito) is the manager and the executive officer #1 "The Magician" of the Imperial Court Mage Corps.

Appearance Edit

Eve seems to be a woman in her mid-20's, with average height and weight. she has dark violet eyes and has long red shoulder length hair, that is tied up; it is braided with a few strands of hair in the side and is tried with a blue-green shaded shaped butterfly. Eve wears a yellow-golden choker and her imperial uniform.

Personality Edit

Background Edit

Eve was born into a prestigious Ignite family as an illegitimate child of her father. When her sister , who supposed to become the next heir of Ignite family, lost her magical power through an accident, she was made into the new heir and granted the title "The Magician" which many of Ignite's family members held in the past.

Two years before the series started, she was working as Glenn and Sara's superior in the Imperial Court Mage Corps. However, one of the members, Jatice started to rebel against the government and she was tasked with killing him. At first she opposed her father telling her to send only Glenn and Sara against Jatice, saying that she should also send Albert as a reinforcement, but her father refused since it wasn't the most effective way to produce the best result which will raise the Ignite family's reputation the most, saying that both of them are just pawns for her to use. After completing the mission at the cost of Sara's life, she became determined that from now on she will cut out her emotions for her friends and focus solely on completing missions in the way that will boost the reputation of Ignite family the most, as the next heir of the family.

Abilities Edit

Eve is widely known as "The Magician", the title given to her due to original magic "Secret - The Seventh Garden (眷属秘呪【第七園】)", which enable her to instantaneous activate fire-related spells without the need of casting as long as she stays in a designated area.

Plot Edit

She reunited with Glenn again in the Vol.7 after she and 3 other members, Albert, Christoph and Bernard, came for the mission to catch an infamous assassin who is also a high-ranking member of Researchers of Divine Wisdom called Sayeed, nicknamed "The Right Hand of Devil (魔の右手)". She got an information that the assassin planned to assassinate Rumia at the social dance party which is held annually at the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy. She planned to use Rumia as a bait, foil the assassin's plan halfway and catch him alive since this is the first time ever they have a chance to be able to extract a lot of important information from a high-ranking member. She came for Glenn and demanded his cooperation in the mission. At first he strongly opposed and tried to fight back but she threatened him to comply using her original spell, "Secret - The Seventh Garden (眷属秘呪【第七園】)", which enable her to instantaneous activate fire-related spells without the need of casting as long as she stays in a designated area, thus bypass Glenn's The Fool's World.

She appeared next in the secret meeting to assign each of the member their roles and providing them with some information about enemies. Albert, Christoph and Bernard were tasked with repelling any threat from the outside of the dance hall, Glenn and Re=L protecting Rumia from the inside and she would catch the assassin at the moment of assassination attempt using her abilities to instantly detect any slight amount of bloodlust towards Rumia. However she still hide an important piece of information from everyone, that Sayeed had another conspirator working behind his back, in order to make sure that she will take the spotlight catching both Sayeed and his partner herself.

At the party, after Sayeed, who posed as a student from another school, sneaked out from the dance hall to meet with his supposed conspirator, Professor Lawrence, who was the professor of the academy in charge of managing the orchestra band in the party, she secretly tracked Sayeed to the meeting point and took both of them into custody using her spells. Afterwards she took her time checking for any possible traps that might be hidden in the meeting point.

However this proved to be a fatal mistake since all of these occurrence were planned by the "real" Sayeed (all the information about him having an additional conspirator was intentionally leaked to Eve to fool her), who actually posed as a conductor of the opera band and made them to play his own revised version of the music score used in the party and use his ability to produce a strong mass hypnotic effect to anyone listening to the music for too long. Eve taking her time listening to his performance while observing the dance hall and while disabling the traps (the music was also played at the meeting point) backfired on her and put her under the hypnotic effect, forced her to temporarily become Sayeed's pawn and fought with Glenn and Co. when they were fighting the real Sayeed. She was later released from the spell after Sayeed was defeated and caught for good.

Afterward, she approached Glenn and lashed out her frustration at him since she made a big mistake in her plan at the attempt to steal the glory alone. She angrily told him that someday she will prove that all of her choices until now were right and his were wrong (included a decision that she didn't send any reinforcement to assist Glenn and Sara 2 years ago).

Relationships Edit

Glenn Radars Edit

Glenn and Eve have a professional relationship as Eve was Glenn's superior. They seem to have a strained relationship as Glenn hates her since she was the one who sent Glenn and Sara to that mission to hunt Jatice, while refusing to send any reinforcement and this lead to Sara's death. Though Eve herself was also against this decision she had no choice due to her father refusing to send Albert to help since he though that this action would ruin Ignite's family reputation. Eve told Glenn that he would one day understand that not sending reinforcements that day as for the better making Glenn resent her more.

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