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グレン=レーダス Guren Rēdasu
Alias The Fool (愚者 Gusha?)
Epithet Mage of Justice (正義の魔法使 Seigi no Mahōtsukai?) (self-proclaimed)
Great Teacher (大先生 Dai-Sensei?) (self-proclaimed)[1]
Personal Data
Race Human
Status Alive
Gender Male Icon Male
Age 19
Voice Actors
Japanese Sōma Saitō
Ayane Sakura (Child)
English Josh Grelle
Professional Status
Affiliation(s) Alzano Imperial Magic Academy Symbol Alzano Imperial Magic Academy
Imperial Court Mage Corps(former)
Occupation(s) Substitute teacher
Execution officer(former)
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Image Gallery

Glenn Radars (グレン=レーダス Guren Rēdasu?) is the protagonist of the Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor series. He becomes the substitute teacher in Sistine Fibel's class, after the retiring of her favorite teacher. He was once a famous assassin and was the one who saved Rumia Tingel prior to the series. He was once known as 'The Fool' said to be an amazing magician killer working for the Imperial Court Mage Corps, and is the current holder of "The Fool" card.

Appearance Edit

Glenn is a young, slim man with an average height and weight. He has long black hair that is tied back into a low ponytail with a red hair tie, with a fringe that covers his forehead.

Generally, it is seen that he happens to be wearing a white half-sleeved shirt with a red tie and black pants, accompanied with matching black dress shoes and white groves.

Personality Edit

He is lazy and constantly bored by everything, with his primary focus being sleeping. Despite this, Glenn has aspired to be a mage of justice. It is shown when trying to rescue Rumia from Huey's magic circles that he is willing to use up all of his magic and put himself in harm's way in order to save her. On top of this, Glenn happens to be a bit of a strategist, showing his skills in monologues in order to help him gain the upper hand in combat. He's a rather determined soul who refuses to give up when his sense of justice kicks in and will use up everything he has in order to complete his goals. He happens to also be quite stronger than he leaves off, giving many of those around him the wrong idea of who he truly is and causing them to underestimate his true abilities. When brought up, he seems to dislike talking about his past, as he is ashamed that he couldn't be more useful and ended up wasting his life in bloodshed than actually doing the greater good he originally intended to perform.


A few years ago, Glenn, who had lost his family due to an accident, was adopted by Celica Arfonia, who works directly under the Empire. After a while, she soon came to love him as a family. She taught him all she knew about magic, which fascinated him. Although he doesn't have a strong sense of mana manipulation and chant reduction, he was enrolled in Alzano Imperial Magic Academy at the young age of 11 and graduated at the age of 15. He was an outstanding mage killer codenamed "The Fool". This job he had eventually caused him to lose his admiration or interest for the magic arts.

Powers and Abilities Edit

He is a third rate mage, that does not change the fact he is exceptionally strong compared to other mages of the same rank. He can proficiently use many different spells.

Above-average durability Edit

Glenn has excellent durability, which helps him become capable of withstanding multiple wounds and attacks without losing the motivation to fight.

"The Fool" Arcana Edit

Glenn is capable of using Original Magic by activating a card called "The Fool's World", which seals all spells in a specified area, with the exception of spells that are already activated. The downside of its use is that Glenn Radars also cannot any magic since he too is in the specified area.

Extinction Ray Edit

He can use a deadly spell called "Extinction Ray", a devastating ray that can destroy everything in its way, but it significantly drains his mana.

Hand-to-hand combat skills Edit

During his time working for the Imperial Court Mage Corps, Glenn has acquired an astounding amount of military hand-to-hand combat skills, which is especially useful when he is unable to use spells because of his Original Magic currently still activating.

Magical punch Edit

It is thought that he can quietly raise his magic when he performs "Magical Punch", which is considered a legendary super magic or an overpowered version of a normal punch. In reality, it's a joke attack, where Glen spins his fist around as a distraction only to kick his enemy.

References Edit

  1. Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor episode 2

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