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This article contains information beyond anime adaptation, that includes offical information from the light novel and the manga.

You just walk the path you believe in. And don't forget, you're the main character in your own life story!|
— Glenn to Sistine in Gold Digger!?
Glenn Radars

Glenn anime 2

Glenn manga

Glenn Radars LN

グレン=レーダス Guren Rēdasu
Alias The Fool (愚者, Gusha)
Professor Radars (funimation)
Epithet Mage of Justice (正義の魔法使, Seigi no Mahōtsukai) (self-proclaimed)
Great Teacher (大先生, Dai-Sensei) (self-proclaimed)[1]
First Appearance
Light Novel Volume 1, Chapter 1
Manga Volume 1, Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Sōma Saitō
Ayane Sakura (Child)
English Josh Grelle
Personal Data
Race Human
Status Alive
Gender Male Icon Male
Age 19
Professional Status
Mage Ranking Trede
Affiliation(s) Alzano Imperial Magic Academy Symbol Alzano Imperial Magic Academy
Saint Lily Magic Girls' Academy(former)
Imperial Court Mage Corps(former)
Occupation(s) Magic Instructor
Substitute teacher (former)
Execution officer(former)
Partner(s) Sara Silvers(former)
Celica Arfonia (Adoptive mother)
Unnamed Parents (Deceased)
Image Gallery

Glenn Radars (グレン=レーダス, Guren Rēdasu) is the protagonist of the Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor series. He becomes the substitute teacher in Sistine Fibel's class, after the disappearance of her favorite teacher. After an event where he saved his class, he decided to become a full time magic teacher due to the previous one being a criminal. He was once a famous assassin known as 'The Fool' who was said to be an amazing magician killer working for the Imperial Court Mage Corps and was the one who saved Rumia Tingel, prior to the start of the series. He is also the creator and current holder of "The Fool" card, which negates magic around him.

Appearance Edit

Glenn is a young man of average height with a muscular physique.

He has long black hair that is tied back into a low ponytail with a red hair tie, with a messy fringe that covers his forehead. Generally, he wears a white half-sleeved shirt with a red tie tied loosely, black pants with gold trim at the seems, accompanied with matching black dress shoes and black laced gloves.

On rare occasions, he wears the standard instructor's uniform which consists of a black cloak and a pair of glasses.

Personality Edit

Episode 2 screenshot 5

He is very lazy and constantly bored by everything, with his primary focus being sleeping or eating. Not surprisingly he has an immature and mischievous side, which has caused some to become greatly annoyed with his actions. He doesn't show respect to most people even giving some of them nicknames such as with Sistine who he calls "White Cat" or Halley Astry whose name he intentionally messes up. However, he did bow and show respect to the Queen

Previously, Glenn was very outgoing and had aspired to be a mage of justice though he was ridiculed in school for his unimpressive skill, though he was still a rather determined soul who refuses to give up when his sense of justice kicks in and will use up everything he has in order to complete his goals. However, his time in the army has caused him to become jaded and give up such goals. This was best seen when he denounced magic as nothing but a killing tool to Sistine Fibel to which he earned a slap to the face.

When he actually puts his heart into it, he can regain his old passion as he showed his class new ways to use magic, which in turn somewhat changed his own perspective as he comforted Sistine once she realized his previous statement about magic was correct. His old drive to use magic came out when trying to rescue Rumia from Huey's magic circles that he was more than willing to use up all of his magic and put himself in harm's way in order to save her.

On top of this, Glenn happens to be a bit of a strategist, showing his skills in monologues in order to help him gain the upper hand in combat. In battle, he goes at with indifference which causes his opponents to not take him seriously but he happens to be quite stronger than he leaves off. Once he shows his true strength, his enemies realized too late of how they underestimated his abilities before they are overwhelmed.

When his past is brought up, he seems to dislike talking about it as he is ashamed that he couldn't be more useful and ended up wasting his life in bloodshed than actually doing the greater good he originally intended to perform.

It is shown that when the situation comes to it, he shows he possesses a good heart as in his time as a an assassin he quickly rescued Rumia from danger and promised to support her. When he learned it connected her to late grandfather, he apologized to Sistine for his cruel words about magic after much to her and the class' shock.

Although he originally hated being a teacher, Glenn has become very attached to the role and acts like that of a caring instructor for his students as the series goes on. He enjoys helping his students; wanting to put them out of danger's way as seen when he rushed to the academy and saved Sistine from Jin Ganis. A prominent example of his care for his students was when he saved them from death at the hands of their old teacher Huey Lysen, despite being severely wounded. He even gave Huey a well-deserved punch to the face for putting his students in danger, which showed how attached he had become to them. He has taken to observing and memorizing their talents, this was very surprising considering his lazy attitude towards most things. Due to being treated and called a hindrance when he was in school, Glenn doesn't tolerate his class being insulted as he defended them from Halley Astry and even risked starving himself on his class winning the magic games.

Abilities Edit

Physical Power Edit

During his time working for the Imperial Court Mage Corps, Glenn has acquired an astounding amount of military hand-to-hand combat skills, which is especially useful when he is unable to use spells because of his original magic currently still activating. He could perform "magic" Magical Punch, an overpowered version of a normal punch where Glenn tricks opponent, spins his fist around as a distraction only to kick his enemy.

Although he had no further use for it, Glenn retains a degree of knowledge in the arts as he used it to overpower Carrel Mardos and Jin Ganis without earning as much as a scratch but his skill has gotten rusty over time.


Glenn Radars' pain tolerance.

Along with his great skill, Glenn has excellent durability have endured several arduous battles in the past as an assassin. His endurance has helped him become capable of withstanding multiple wounds and attacks without losing the motivation to fight. Even while seriously wounded from multiple sword wounds, he successfully killed Reik Fohenheim who was amazed by Glenn's strength. Even while wounded and drained after saving Rumia, he knocked out Huey Lysen with a single punch.

Magic Usage Edit

Even though he is seen as a third rate mage, that does not change the fact he is exceptionally strong compared to other mages of the same rank. Glenn has amazing knowledge about magic spells. He knows what will happen to spells if you modify their spell chants in a certain way. He can proficiently use many different spells, and can use them with unofficial chants, for example: Glenn used "Shock Bolt" saying "Well, anyway, paralyze" instead of the original chant. He can use a deadly spell called "Extinction Ray", a devastating ray that can destroy everything in its way, but it significantly drains his mana. As shown in when he got mana deficiency after using it and became grey-skinned and sick.

"The Fool" Arcana Edit

Glenn is capable of using Original Magic by activating a card called "The Fool's World", which seals all spells in a specified area, with the exception of spells that are already activated. The downside of its use is that Glenn Radars also cannot use any magic since he too is in the specified area.

Intelligence Edit

Though typically seen as lazy, Glenn has proven to be very intelligent as he graduated from the magic academy at the age of fifteen which is notable as most had to finish the whole course of school. However, his attitude belays his skills as by putting up his acts his foes tend to drop their guards allowing him to gain victory.

He also has shown to have an exceeding amount of strategic knowledge, which was shown when he takes control in his class after he memorized their talents for events at the magic games festival they'd be best suited for.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Not much is known about Glenn's true family such as his parents, only that they died in an accident.

Celica Arfonia Edit

She took him in after the death of his family and grew to love him like her own. Glenn is very grateful to her for caring for him and teaching him everything he knew about magic. Celica was responsible for teaching Glenn everything he knows about magic allowing him to excel in it. She refers to him as her top pupil and even had him become an instructor at the academy which he hated at first but soon grew to love the role, much to Celica's joy. Celica noted on this change since it meant that he grew more in character and was overcoming his sad past as he apologized for worrying her.

A running gag between them, would be that Celica uses her well developed body to tease Glenn as he expresses annoyance with her antics.

Alzano Imperial Magic Academy Edit

Glenn was forced by Celica to become an instructor for the academy though he didn't want to do so as he detested magic due to his sad past. Following his time at the academy, his perspective has somewhat changed and he has become a well meaning teacher to the school.

Sistine Fibel Edit

Glenn initially thought little of Sistine when he started teaching, even ignoring the fact that she came from an aristocrat family. He rarely refers to her by name, and mostly calls her the nickname he assigned her "White Cat", much to her annoyance. At one point, they dueled, and he lost, but that didn't change his ways of teaching the class, as he still lazed about. When he insulted magic by stating it is merely a tool used to kill, she slapped him, and stated that she hated him.

Glenn calls Sistine by her real name

One of the rare occasions wherein Glenn calls Sistine by her real name...

After a talk with Rumia, he learned magic connects her to her late grandfather. He sincerely apologized to Sistine for his remarks, telling the surprised girl (while he still detests magic), that he went too far in what he said. After that, Glenn started teaching, as he showed Sistine and her class other ways to use magic, and they were amazed by it. While he now teaches, he still doesn't treat Sistine properly, as shown when he erased a lesson on the board after she politely asked him not to, or when he had her carry more books than Rumia, after she offered to help.

However, it is shown he cares for Sistine as his student, after he saved her from a criminal who was trying to force himself on her. He also comforted her when she started crying after Rumia was kidnapped, and swore to save Rumia for her.

It is shown he has great faith in Sistine's abilities, as he told her to use a spell with the lessons he gave her, but did threaten to take credits from her grade, as a way of motivating her to do the spell to help him, which frustrated her. He showed this belief again, as he tossed her out of his battle with Reik Fohenheim as a way to mask his strategy to use a spell, which caught Reik off-guard, and helped Glenn win the fight.

He was later touched when Sistine saved him after he suffered near-death injuries from the fight which caused him to collapse.

Rumia Tingel Edit

During Glenn's time in the Imperial Army, he was begged by Queen Alicia to save her daughter from a group of evil mages.

When he became a magic instructor, he vaguely recognized Rumia but couldn't quite place where he saw her. When Glenn helped her with a spell, she was grateful encouraged him to keep being a teacher by relaying a tale from when she was saved and being very thankful towards the mage who rescued her.

From this, Glenn changed his teaching methods and taught his class new ways to use magic and even became popular among them and other students.

Unlike Sistine, who is more strict and mean towards Glenn, Rumia is more kinder to him. In return, Glenn is on better terms with Rumia than with Sistine which was shown when he gave her less books to carry after both girls offered him help in carry the books. He also believed in her talents at the magic games, even boasting about them when she withstood a powerful mind magic spell. Like the rest of his students, he is willing to put his life in jeopardy to defend her as shown when he rushed to save her from the Researchers of Divine Wisdom and was willing to brand himself a traitor to protect her, despite her frequent worries with getting him involved in matters concerning her.

Other Students Edit

Initially, Glenn didn't bother to teach them anything even allowing them to read their books to learn. In return, the students didn't think much of him especially after he mostly slept in class and lost in a duel with Sistine. However, a majority of the students were surprised when he arrived to class on time and apologized to Sistine before he actually started to teach them and show them a new way to use magic.

The class's views have changed as a majority of them paid close attention to his lessons even asking questions about it. Their fondness of him and eagerness to learn caused Glenn to care for them which was shown when he saved them from criminals who were holding them hostage.

After becoming a full time instructor, Glenn has become rather attached to his teaching role and his students wanting to put them to be happy. Before the magic games, he has shown that he has taken to observing their talents to make sure they all participated in the magic tournament and do events they are best suited for. His selection method and reasoning was surprising considering his lazy personality as the class went with his decision. He has also shown that he doesn't tolerate his class being insulted as he defended them from Halley Astry and even risked starving himself with a wager on his class winning the magic games. His class were surprised by his belief in them and trained even harder for the games and performed with enthusiasm and success that surprised even Glenn who was uneasy with their praise of him.

While the class has come to respect him, it is shown they are still annoyed by his lazy and stuck up attitude as when Sistine a possible reply of him saying they couldn't manage without him, a majority got irritated just thinking about it.

Halley Astry Edit

He is rivals with Halley Astry as a teacher at the academy, suggesting he should be removed from his teaching position, due to his attitude towards his job and lack of teaching credentials. His resentment of Glenn grows when the latter becomes popular among the school with his lectures making him more determined to get him fired.

In return, Glenn doesn't pay Halley much attention as he gets the latter's name wrong (most likely intentionally), to the latter's irritation. Glenn's casual manner conflicts with that of the more serious and dignified manner of Halley, which is probably the cause of their bad status. However, Glenn did get angry when Halley insulted his class and made wager of three months salary with him on which of their class will win the magic games festival. Halley accepted the bet and though confident he'd win, he was dismayed that Glenn's class had beaten him.

Imperial Court Mage Corps Edit

Albert Frazer
Re=L Rayford
Eve Ignite

References Edit

  1. Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor episode 2

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