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Background Edit

Childhood Edit

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Young Glenn

A few years ago, Glenn, who had lost his family due to an accident, was adopted by Celica Arfonia, who works directly under the Empire. After a while, she soon came to love him as a family. She taught him all she knew about magic, which fascinated him. Although he doesn't have a strong sense of mana manipulation and chant reduction, he was enrolled in Alzano Imperial Magic Academy at the young age of 11 and graduated at the age of 15.

As an Assassin Edit

He was an outstanding mage killer code-named "The Fool" and became friends with Albert Frazer and Re=L Rayford. At one point, he saved Rumia Tingel from a group of assassins.

His time in the military, eventually caused him to lose his admiration or interest for the magic arts. This incident results in him being discharged from the military and leaving magic behind.

Plot Edit

Magic Instructor Edit

Glenn ran through town yelling at two girls who were in his way to move before he flung into the sky by one who was scared causing him to land in a fountain but emerges alright but in an eccentric manner. When he notices one of the girls, who he seems to recognize but her friend Sistine throws him in the sky with her magic and he falls in the fountain again. He heads for the school and encounters the girls from before in his class but denies knowing them. Glenn simply lazes about in class and doesn't bother teaching the students, much to their chargin especially Sistine who soon challenged him to a duel which he lost due to his slow chant.

Despite his loss, he still lazed about and when criticized for his lack of interest in magic by Sistine, Glenn insulted magic by stating it is merely a tool used to kill, she slapped him and stated she hated him.

Later on, he was thinking of resigning until he found Sistine's friend Rumia and helped her with a magic circle. Glenn later told her of his past before he became a teacher as Rumia tells him a tale from when she was saved and being very thankful towards the mage who rescued her. She encouraged Glenn to continue being a teacher and apologize to Sistine after he is told her reason for loving magic.

Deciding to follow this, Glenn arrived to class on time and apologized to Sistine for his words, much to her and the class' surprise. After that Glenn started teaching, and he showed the class other ways to use magic, as they were amazed by it. With his new teaching style, he became rather popular in his class and even students from other classes snuck in for one of his lectures. Though he now teaches, he still doesn't act properly as shown while he treats some students well, he treats Sistine with mockery. This was shown when he erased a lesson on the board after she politely asked him not to, or when he had her carry more books than Rumia, after she offered to help.

Glenn became very happy with his role teacher as noted by Celica Arfonia who remarked on this change. One day, while running late, Glenn found the town deserted and sensed a presence and told the person to come out as it was revealed to be Carrel Mardos who told him he was going to kill him before attacking Glenn. It is unknown exactly what occurred in their fight but Glenn effortlessly overpowered Carrel and humiliated him by tying him up, leaving the unconscious and naked man for the town to find.

Glenn then went to the academy where he found a guard that had been killed and a magic card that would allow to get through the barrier protecting the academy. He pondered on what to do since he didn't know how many enemies there were and wanted to call for back-up but a explosion from his class alerted him.

Glenn then entered the school and walks into a room where he find Sistine about to be assaulted by Jin Ganis, a criminal who was comrades with Carrel. He nearly leaves thinking it was mutual but she tells him to save her from being assaulted as he realizes the situation. When Jin demands to know how he entered, Glenn shrugs this off as Jin tries to attack, as Sistine warns Glenn, but he ignores this. However, Jin can't attack, due to Glenn revealing a spell on a card known as The Fool's World that blocks off magic but reveals it affects him too. Jin breaks out laughing wondering how a mage can fight without magic, as Glenn reveals he'll use his fists and overpowers Jin, making the latter's attempt to fight back futile. Jin recognizes the fighting style as the one the Imperial Army uses and questions Glenn's identity as Glenn gives his name.

Jin was surprised to hear that Glenn is the same teacher that Carrel was assigned to kill, he questions how his comrade lost to a man who resorted to brawls. He is then asked by Glenn who asks if he is feeling bad after he lost to something other than magic as he plans to finish him with a punch but this was a trick as Glenn kicks him in the face, knocking him unconscious and defeating him.

Glenn freed Sistine and hinted at some of his past but Sistine stopped him by pointing his pants being down, to his dismay. Glenn soon tied up Jin and discovered his alignment with the Researchers of Divine Wisdom just as Celica contacted him. He informed of the situation and they discuss the situation, with Sistine being at a conference and the portal to the school destroyed; Glenn knew he had to take action.

After he found out Rumia was taken, he was confused as to why they went for her and stopped a crying Sistine from going after her since she'd be in danger as well. Sistine then tearfully agreed with Glenn's previous statement about magic but he stopped her and told he'd kill the other criminals to save Rumia.

His statement causes Jin to awake and laugh, telling Sistine that Glenn is no different from him or his comrades pointing out his feat in taking him down. At that moment, a portal opens with living skeleton who attack Glenn who can barely stand against them until Sistine provides help. With that, Glenn destroys a majority of them as he and Sistine retreat as Jin taunts them before he is killed by the skeletons. Glenn tells Sistine they have no obligation nor time to save the criminal before he tells Sistine to use a spell for him. When she states she can't do so, he tells her she can if she listened to him but does threaten to dock her grade, to her dismay.

After Glenn destroyed all the skeletons, Reik confronted Glenn and Sistine with swords enchanted in magic. He remarks that Glenn was no ordinary mage as he took down two of his comrades but Glenn stated Reik killed Jin as he justified his killing of Jin since he strayed from the mission and had to be punished for his actions.

Glenn then pushed Sistine out of the way as he prepared to engage Reik who revealed he was aware of Glenn's The Fool's World and he knew Glenn couldn't deactivate active magic which meant his swords would be unaffected. Reik then attacked Glenn who suffered a few wounds from the strikes before trying to use a spell which Reik dispelled and tried to use it himself. However, he stopped as he realized Glenn's strategy was to get him to use a spell so he could use fool's world ands attack him with his fists. He further realized Glenn's status as an instructor was a façade and questioned his identity but after getting a vague answer, he decided to give Glenn a quick death as a form of respect.

Glenn was soon stabbed multiple times and started to use a chant to deactivate the spell, just as Sistine helped him in dispelling the magic in the swords as Reik realized Glenn tossed Sistine aside as a strategy to catch him off-guard. The criminal tried to activate his swords again but Glenn used The Fool's World and stabbed Reik with one of his blades that was without magic.

Critically wounded, Reik finally recalled Glenn as the famous mage assassin The Fool before he died unable to understand his defeat.

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