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Halley Astry

Halley Astray anime

Halley Astray LN

ハーレイ=アストレイ Hārei Astorei
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Shinji Kawada
English Christopher Wehkamp
Personal Data
Race Human
Status Alive
Gender Male Icon Male
Professional Status
Mage Ranking Quinde
Affiliation(s) Alzano Imperial Magic Academy Symbol Alzano Imperial Magic Academy
Occupation(s) Professor

Halley Astry (ハーレイ=アストレイ, Hārei Astorei) is a teacher at Alzano Imperial Magic Academy and the current teacher for Class 1.


Wears a charcoal coat jacket with a gold trim around the edges over a white dress shirt and red tie with glasses.


He has been shown as having an arrogant and strict attitude. Halley's behavior suggests he is close-minded to ideas other than his own, although wishes the best for the students at the academy.

His manner conflicts with that of the laidback and casual Glenn Radars whose lazy attitude infuriates Halley. Halley wants Glenn to be thrown out of the academy due to his lack of experience as an instructor supposed poor skills. His resentment grows with Glenn's popular lessons and makes him even more determined to get him out (despite Glenn once saving the school).


Relationships Edit

Glenn Radars Edit

He is rivals with Glenn Radars as a teacher at the academy, suggesting he should be removed from his teaching position due to his attitude towards his job and lack of teaching credentials. His resentment of Glenn grows when the latter becomes popular among the school with his lectures making him more determined to get him fired.

In return, Glenn doesn't pay Halley much attention as he gets the latter's name wrong (most likely intentionally), to the latter's irritation. Glenn's casual manner conflicts with that of the more serious and dignified manner of Halley, which is probably the cause of their bad status. However, Glenn did get angry when Halley insulted his class and made wager of three months salary with him on which of their class will win the magic games festival. Halley accepted the bet and though confident he'd win, he was dismayed that Glenn's class had beaten him.


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