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Jin Ganis anime

Jin Ganis
ジン=ガニス Jin Ganisu
First Appearance
Anime Episode 2
Voice Actors
Japanese Yū Seki
Personal Data
Race Human
Status Deceased
Gender Male Icon Male
Professional Status
Affiliation(s) Researchers of Divine Wisdom

Jin Ganis (ジン=ガニス, Jin Ganisu) was a member of the Researchers of Divine Wisdom.  



He is a violent man that takes joy in his criminal activity, as shown when he threatened to kill all of Class II students should Rumia Tingel not appear. He is also very sadistic as he mentioned to Rumia that he knew what she looked liked from the start but wanted to play a game where he'd kill her classmates before she revealed herself. This was seen again when he attempted to force himself on Sistine and took pleasure in watching her breakdown before moving to assault her before Glenn stopped him.

He tends to underestimate opponents as he didn't expect much from Glenn Radars until the latter revealed he took down one of Jin's comrades and when Glenn stopped him with the The Fool's World before he gave him a well deserved beating for his actions.


He and Reik Fohenheim barge into the class revealing they are there to kidnap Rumia and threatens the class after they protest. He questions the class over what Rumia looked like until Sistine Fibel stood up to him, which irritated him and he moved to kill her but Rumia revealed herself. Jin then reveals they knew what Rumia looked like the whole time but wanted to play a game where he'd kill her classmates until someone who wanted to live told him. His comrade tells him to stop as he takes Rumia and tells the class that their teacher is dead.

While Reik takes Rumia, Jin subdues the class and throws Sistine into a room with the intent to force himself on her. The girl tries hold her stance but breaks down, as Jin prepared to carry out the act, just as Glenn (who was still alive) arrives in the room interrupting him. Glenn nearly leaves, though she tells him to save her from being assaulted.

When Jin questions how Glenn entered the latter shrugs this off and Jin tries to attack, as Sistine warns Glenn but Jin states its too late. However, Jin can't attack, due to Glenn revealing a spell on a card that blocks off magic. Jin is amazed but it is short-lived, since it works on Glenn as well, and he breaks out laughing as he questions how Glenn will fight without magic and is surprised when Glenn reveals he'll use his fists. Jin is then overwhelmed by Glenn and his attempts to fight back are futile and he recognizes the fighting style as the one the Imperial Army uses. He questions Glenn's identity and is surprised to hear he is the same teacher that Carrel was assigned to kill, he questions how his comrade lost to a man who resorted to brawls. He is then asked by Glenn who asks if he is feeling bad after he lost to something other than magic as he plans to finish him with a punch but this was a trick as Glenn kicks him in the face, knocking him unconscious and defeating him.

Jin is then tied up by Glenn who finds out his affiliation and promises Sistine he will kill the other criminals. Jin wakes up, remarking on Glenn being similar to him and his comrades telling a protesting Sistine that Glenn defeating him was proof enough. A portal opens revealing living skeletons who attack, Jin recognizes it as Reik's spell and tells the skeletons to kill Glenn and Sistine who destroy a few and retreat. Jin tells them it is no use before he sees the skeletons approaching him as he realizes they are going to kill him causing him to protest but to no avail as they kill him and he screams in pain. Reik later justified his killing of Jin as he strayed from the mission and had to be punished for his actions.