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Re=L manga

Re=L Rayford
リィエル=レイフォード Ryieru Reifōdo
Alias The Chariot (戦車, Sensha)
First Appearance
Light Novel Volume 2
Manga Volume 2, Chapter 7
Anime Episode 4
Voice Actors
Japanese Ari Ozawa
English Leah Clark
Personal Data
Race Artificial Human
Status Alive
Gender Female Icon Female
Height 145cm [1]
Professional Status
Affiliation(s) Alzano Imperial Magic Academy Symbol Alzano Imperial Magic Academy
Imperial Court Mage Corps
Saint Lily Magic Girls' Academy (former)
Occupation(s) Student
Execution officer
Partner(s) Albert Frazer
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Re=L Rayford (リィエル=レイフォード, Ryieru Reifōdo) is one of the main heroines of the Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor series. She's the execution officer #7 "The Chariot" of the Imperial Court Mage Corps.

Appearance Edit

In appearance, Re=L is identical to her prime source, Ilushia Rayford, except with blue eyes and hair.

As an execution officer of the Imperial Court Mage Corps, she wears a long navy blue coat with a tucked green scarf held together by a golden pin, a dark browned corseted vest with golden buttons and a black and red vertical stripped skirt with navy blue tights. But after becoming a student of Alzano Imperial Magic Academy, she wears the academy's girls uniform: a blue blazor with a white golden button down shirt and white and blue hemmed skirt.

Personality Edit

Re=L puts on a front of a serious and emotionless person, but in reality, she's just shy. Because of this, she alienated herself from all of the students after joining Alzano Imperial Magic Academy. But after befriending Sistine and Rumia and the rest of Class 2-2 she gradually begins to open up.

Additionally, shown in her debut, she's very simple-minded when it comes to strategy. Her primary and preferred attack is to run into battle from the front. As a result, she either gets yanked by her hair or scolded by Glenn. Despite this, she's mastered sword-fighting and alchemy magic.

Relationships Edit

Glenn Radars

Before her awakening as an artificial human or Re=L, Glenn was hired by Sion Rayford to investigate Project:Revive Life. Unfortunately, this event resulted in both Sion Rayford and his sister Ilushia's death; thus Re=L was born, a respective copy of Ilushia herself. And sometime later, she joined the Imperial Court Mage Corps, holding the eighth position and card "The Chariot". While a member of the Imperial Court Mage Corps, she held feelings of affection and admiration towards Glenn. When Glenn left the organization, she felt as though she had no reason or purpose, and so, after two years, she took it upon herself to protect him so enrolled as a student at Alzano Imperial Magic Academy. After enrolling, her goal became clear, to protect Glenn even if it were to cost her her own life.

While on a school trip, her feelings of jealousy began to overwhelm her. In the past, Glenn was the one who came to her rescue, who saved her, and now that she's surrounded by Sistine and Rumia, seeing how much he's changed, she felt as though Glenn was taken away from her, the only person who knew her true self. Vulnerable, she was approached by a boy claiming to be her deceased brother. Again, her feelings overwhelmed her, confusing her. Once Glenn arrived, he shielded her in means to persuade her that the man standing before them was an impostor posing as her brother, when suddenly she struck him from behind with her sword. Her eyes were clouded over, her sense of morality disappeared. Her agenda was re-written: to protect her brother, even if it were to cost her her life. Sometime after, they engaged in a fierce battle. In a moment of weakness, Glenn used the spell "Gravitation" to pin her to the ground. He asked her one question, and one question only, "What was your brothers name?" After much thought, she replied, "H-h-his name..w-was Sion." In that moment, she remembered the past, her death, her rebirth. Even if she was programmed with the memories of the deceased, just a mere copy of what was once real, it was Glenn who helped her to realize that that didn't matter. Now, she lives her life for Glenn.

Sistine Fibel

Upon first meeting, Sistine and Rumia were the first to become friends with Re=L. As she gradually got to know Sistine, she began to hate her, envy her of her close relationship with Glenn. She felt as though Sistine has taken him from her. Even so, after the fight against the impostor posing as her elder brother, she apologized to her and Rumia. Now, they're best friends whom she cherishes.

Rumia Tingel

Upon first meeting, Rumia and Sistine were the first to become friends with Re=L. As she gradually got to know Rumia, she began to hate her, envy her of her close relationship with Glenn. As a result, on the second night of their school field trip, Rumia was kidnapped and taken to the Researchers lab for the last ingredient for the incantation to revive the deceased. During Re=L and Glenn's fierce battle, it was Rumia's words of forgiveness that brought Re=L's senses back. After the battle, she apologized for her behavior and are now close friends whom she cherishes.

Trivia Edit

  • Her first name, Re=L, comes from "Re=L Plan", another name for Project: Revive Life while her family name adapts from Ilushia Rayford whose body she built from.
  • Her appearance is that of a 15-16 year old teenage girl, but her real age is unknown.
  • She can last three days without eating and has an enormous sweet tooth.

References Edit

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