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Background Edit

Re=L in the pod

Re=L at incubation period.

Project: Revive Life was established to manipulate the balance of life and death, to revive the deceased though with great risks and sacrifice. Originally, this project was created to test a theory, to go beyond the rules of Alchemy. However, Sion Rayford who was working on the project became concerned whether creating the copy was worth all that they (he and Rainer) sacrificed. And so, he asked for help from the Imperial Court Mage Corps executioner, Glenn Radar, to investigate as well as to promise the safety of both Rainer and Ilushia. Consequently, his own partner, Rainer, was the one to end him and out of resentment, mortally wounded Ilushia as a result. However, still able though terribly injured, Ilushia escapes to find help, but unfortunately, Glenn was already too late by the time her arrived.

Back in the laboratory, the copy known as Re=L was still contained and in a deep slumber. There, he learned the reason for her being. She was designed and structured to resemble Sion's ill sister, which he found out later contained all of Ilushia's genetic code. After being awakened, she joined the Imperial Court Mage Corps holding position #8, "The Chariot."

Plot Edit

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