Researchers of Divine Wisdom
Researchers of Divine Wisdom Insignia
The insignia
天の智慧研究会 Ten no Chie Kenkyūkai
First Appearance
Anime Episode #2
Organisation Data
Status Active

The Researchers of Divine Wisdom (天の智慧研究会, Ten no Chie Kenkyūkai) is one of the oldest organisations that exist in the Alzano Empire. They are a terrorist organization, and subsequently, the darkest face of the magical world.

Overviews Edit

For the sake of investigating magic, any sacrifice would be forgiven. No, rather, it was necessary. ‘The most advanced human beings, the magicians of our organization, should be the ones to guide the world on its course, and anyone who is not a magician of our great organization is nothing but blind, foolish, ‘livestock’. They are a group of fiendish magicians that carried out this rotten modus operandi. In order to bring their outlandish beliefs to fruition, they waged many conflicts against the imperial government, in which bloodshed was washed away with more bloodshed.

Known Members Edit

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