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This article contains information beyond anime adaptation, that includes offical information from the light novel and the manga.

Researchers of Divine Wisdom
Researchers of Divine Wisdom Insignia
The insignia
天の智慧研究会 Ten no Chie Kenkyūkai
First Appearance
Light Novel Volume 1, Chapter 4
Anime Episode 2
Organisation Data
Status Active

The Researchers of Divine Wisdom (天の智慧研究会, Ten no Chie Kenkyūkai) is one of the oldest organisations operating in the Alzano Empire. They are a terrorist organisation, and subsequently, the darkest face of the magical world.

Overview Edit

The Researchers of Divine Wisdom pursues the mastery and understanding of magic at any cost, even deeming sacrifices made for their cause necessary. They believe that only the superior are fit to lead the world and, naturally, that only the mages of their organisation are worthy of this task. Their dedication to their goals has led to continuing conflicts with the imperial government, resulting in great bloodshed.[1]

Known Members Edit

References Edit

  1. Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor Light Novel Vol. 1, Ch. 4, p. 194

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