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Rumia Tingel

Rumia anime

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ルミア=ティンジェル Rumia Tinjeru
Alternative Name(s) Ermiana El Kel Alzano (エルミアナ=イェル=ケル=アルザーノ, Erumiana Ieru Keru Aruzāno)
Princess Ermiana (エルミアナ媛, Erumiana Hime)
First Appearance
Light Novel Volume 1, Chapter 1
Manga Volume 1, Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Yume Miyamoto
English Monica Rial
Personal Data
Race Human
Status Alive
Gender Female Icon Female
Birthday July 7, 1838 [1]
Age 15 [1]
Height 158cm
Professional Status
Affiliation(s) Alzano Imperial Magic Academy Symbol Alzano Imperial Magic Academy
Fibel Family
Saint Lily Magic Girls' Academy(former)
Alzano Empire Royal Family(former)
Occupation(s) Student
Image Gallery

Rumia Tingel (ルミア=ティンジェル, Rumia Tinjeru) is one of the main heroines of the Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor series and Sistine Fibel's best friend. Her true identity is Ermiana El Kel Alzano (エルミアナ=イェル=ケル=アルザーノ, Erumiana Ieru Keru Aruzāno), one of the daughters of Queen Alicia VII and the former second princess of the Alzano Empire.

Appearance Edit

Rumia is a stunningly beautiful girl with straight sun-blonde hair that is styled into a bob hairstyle. She has aquamarine eyes and wears a pretty green bow.

She also wears a blue clip-on that adds to her outfit, and has an arm-like stretcher that wraps around her right arm.

Rumia mostly wears her school uniform; a fabric that is blue and gold, which looks like a cape. The part under the cape contains a bright red ribbon and some buttons on the chest part of the shirt.

Rumia has a large bust size, and Sistine Fibel seems to enjoy groping her, as shown in Episode 1.

Personality Edit

Rumia is shown to be simple minded, wise, and very caring towards her friends, especially Sistine. During the magic competition, another competitor tries to push Rumia into quitting, however, she confidently stands her ground, showing she wont back down easily. She contrasts Sistine's hostile-but-weak personality, and unlike Sistine, who is very mean and violent towards Glenn, but is kind and friendly towards everyone else, and is never afraid to scold him, Rumia is very caring, simple minded, wise, and gentle towards everyone and treats everyone equally. She also supports Sistine and knows how she is feeling, as shown in episode 1 when Sistine was angrily scolding Glenn, and then Rumia gently tugged her sleeve to calm her down.

Abilities Edit

Throughout the anime version, Rumia is seen using various types of magic, Its likely that she can use the same basic magic as the other students, however she is seen using unusual magic that no other students possess. One of the powers is Amplification. This ability allows Rumia to increase the power levels of anyone she wants. The other magic we see Rumia using is Mind Up, this allows her to alter her mind set, meaning she can stay focused more easily.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Alicia VIIEdit

Rumia's biological mother. Not much is known about their relationship, except for the fact that she banished Rumia from the castle because of her supernatural abilities. It is implied that Alicia loves her daughter very much, but hides it in front of the public, in fear of exposing her true identity.

Sistine FibelEdit

Rumia and Sistine have been best friends ever since Rumia was banished from her home 3 years ago. They seem to be like sisters, as Rumia is adopted into the Fibel family, making her the older adopted sister of Sistine.

Alzano Imperial Magic Academy Edit

Glenn Radars Edit

During Glenn's time in the Imperial Army, He was begged by Queen Alicia to save her daughter from a group of evil mages. Since that day, Rumia became inspired by Glenn to lead humans down the right path. She is very thankful towards him and somewhat affectionate as well, unlike Sistine, who is more strict and mean towards Glenn. She also seems to have some affection and cares for him since she always get worried when matters concerning her put him in jeopardy

References Edit

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