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Background Edit

Three years prior to the story, Rumia was a princess whose real name is Ermiana who was rumored to have died. However, this was merely the story the subjects were told, as in fact she was actually banished for being a "supernatural". Rumia's banishment was caused by her mother deeming her powers unfit to be a princess which left her devastated.

While in banishment, she was kidnapped but Glenn Radars saved her at the request of the Queen. Glenn told the crying girl that he'd always be on her side which left her touched.

Sometime later, Ermiana took on the name Rumia Tingel and was taken in by the Fibel family. It was mentioned by Sistine Fibel that the two didn't get along but they grew to care for one another as family and no longer have any problems.

Plot Edit

A New Instructor Edit

Rumia travels through town to school, on her way she heals the injury of a man telling him not to tell as magic off-school is forbidden; as the grateful man promises to keep her secret. Rumia then meets with her friend and foster sister Sistine Fibel, they discuss the new teacher for their class.

While walking, they are surprised by a running man who screams at them to move, causing Sistine to use magic which causes him to fall into a fountain and emerges in an eccentric manner. Despite this strange behavior, Sistine apologizes to him for her action which is further accredited to the man's arrogant behavior. When the man suddenly notices Rumia, who immediately recognizes him as the mage that saved her years ago. The man seems to recall her but Sistine throws him in the sky with her magic and he falls in the fountain again.

Later on, the two make it to school and are shocked to see the man from earlier is their new teacher. The man reveals his name is Glenn Radars who acts lazy and earns Sistine's dislike for not teaching which results in them arguing and her running out after he scorns magic.

However, Rumia was better treating to Glenn as when he finds her using a magic circle he helps her complete it. Later on, he tells her of his past before he became a teacher as Rumia tells him a tale from when she was saved and being very thankful towards the mage who rescued her. She then encouraged Glenn to continue being a teacher and apologize to Sistine after he is told her reason for loving magic was due to a connection to her late grandfather.

The next day, Rumia was delighted to see that Glenn had heeded her advice as he showed up to class on time and sincerely apologized to Sistine. She was even more happy to see him deciding to really teach and showed the class different ways to use magic. Sistine soon told Rumia that Glenn tricked her by acting like a slacker while he was really amazing as an instructor and wondered what brought about this change in him.

Rumia was delighted by Glenn's change and tried helping him carry books, as Sistine offers help as well. Glenn showed he still behaved immaturely towards Sistine as he gave her more books to carry than Rumia and when he erased a chalk writing of the lecture, just to spite her after she asked for him not to do so. When the girls went to Glenn for help in a lesson, he was rude to Sistine while receptive towards Rumia's request. A frustrated Sistine then asked Glenn about the difference in his treatment between her and Rumia, to which he explains that Rumia is sweet while she is quite cheeky, much to her irritation and Rumia's amusement.

Very soon, members of Researchers of Divine Wisdom invaded looking for Rumia and threatened to harm her classmates. They interrogated her class but got no answer though Rumia revealed herself after they tried to harm Sistine. Jin Ganis tells Rumia he knew all along and he wanted to play a game where he'd kill her classmates until someone who wanted to live told him. As she is taken away, Sistine asked Rumia if she is sure as she tells her that she believes Glenn will save her though they are told he is dead, much to their disbelief. Reik Fohenheim then tells Rumia that he and his group are aware of her status as a princess and that her class will be taken for experiments. After Reik hands Rumia over to Huey Lysen (her old instructor), Rumia pleads to the man before Glenn who is revealed to have survived all three of Huey's comrades appears albeit while wounded.

Glenn then used The Fool's World that blocks off magic but Huey reveals that it helped his plan, showing off a magic circle Rumia is trapped in which Glenn couldn't see in the dark. Huey reveals once Rumia is teleported, his soul which was connected to it would cause an explosion to destroy the academy though he gives Glenn the chance to either save Rumia and the academy or flee to save himself.

Rumia tries to get Glenn to run and save himself, but not hesitating Glenn quickly works hard to save Rumia and though wounded he puts in a lot of effort to disperse the circles. As he does so, Rumia tries to deter him but he confides in Rumia about how he wanted to be a mage of justice as child and he won't give up now. However, he soon collapses and looks like he won't be able to do so, as he is taunted by Huey him but Rumia heals him and transfers enough mana to help him allowing him to save her and stop Huey's spell.

Rumia watched as Huey was then knocked unconscious after being punched by an angry Glenn who soon fell unconscious in her lap. Much later, Huey is arrested for his crimes.

A month passes, with Glenn deciding to become a full time instructor as he remarks that his smiling students brought this about just as Rumia and Sistine arrive with questions.

Magic GamesEdit

Rumia and Sistine went to Glenn for help on the magic competition but he shrugged them off and told them to handle it themselves.

The two went to class and tried getting some of the class to enter the contest but nobody wanted to enter as they didn't want to humiliate themselves in front of the Queen. Though the class were not interested, Glenn arrived and told them he'd lead them to victory while ignoring Sistine's complaint about his earlier attitude to the issue.

Glenn then gave many of the class parts they should play in, Rumia and Sistine both realize that Glenn had been paying attention to the class' talents and having everyone participate in the game. Rumia soon comments to herself on how Glenn and Sistine weren't on the same page after Sistine ruined a possible change in plans. She does this again after Sistine agrees on Glenn's behalf to a wager between him and Halley Astry for which class will win the competition.