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Sistine LN2

Sistine Anime mugshot

Sistine Fibel
システィーナ フィーベル Shisutīna Fīberu
Alternative Name(s) Sisti (システィ, Shisuti)
Epithet Sistine the Bane of Teachers (講師泣かせのシスティーナ, Kōshi Nakase no Shisutīna)[1]
White Cat (白猫, Shiro-Neko)
First Appearance
Light Novel Volume 1, Chapter 1
Manga Volume 1, Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Akane Fujita
English Rachael Messer
Personal Data
Race Human
Status Alive
Gender Female Icon Female
Birthday December 24, 1838 [2]
Age 15 [2]
Height 157cm
Weight 49kgs
Measurements B76/W55/H78
Blood Type O+
Professional Status
Mage Ranking [[Mage Ranking|Duode]]
Affiliation(s) Alzano Imperial Magic Academy Symbol Alzano Imperial Magic Academy
Fibel Family
Saint Lily Magic Girls' Academy (former)
Occupation(s) Student
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Sistine Fibel (システィーナ=フィーベル, Shisutīna Fīberu) is one of the heroines of the Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor series. She admires magic greatly and wishes to discover the secret of the Melgalius' Sky Castle, which no one knows. Her admiration of magic is something that Glenn Radars used to have until he was forced to use his to kill, after which he lost his admiration.

Background Edit

Sistine Fibel hails from Fibel Family, a noble, wealthy, and well-known aristocrat family.

Appearance Edit

Sistine is a slim young lady with long, shiny, lavender hair, bangs, fair skin, a small ahoge hair-line, and olive-green eyes. She also has a pair of small cute cat ears attached to her blue-and-white headband, which gave her the nickname White Cat from Glenn, much to her annoyance. She has a very similar appearance to Sara Silvers, and is shorter than Glenn.

She mostly wears the Alzano Academy uniform with or without the raiment depending on the seasonal weather.

Personality Edit

Sistine Fibel maintains a hostile, no-nonsense demeanor, and often scolds Glenn, due to his lackadaisical attitude; she was at her meanest in Episode 1, when Lynn Titis asked Glenn a question, and when he (Glenn) didn't answer, Sistine had to angrily confront him, causing Rumia to calm her down.

Sistine is low-tempered and hot-headed as shown in Episode 2, wherein Glenn then explained to the class that he was able to influence Sistine's mind through the use of words, and then she threw her textbook at Glenn, and then when Glenn replied, she threw a terrible tantrum.

She is also rather hard-headed in pursuing the path of magic, relentlessly inquiring about points she did not understand during lectures, to the point that she became known across the school as "Sistine the Bane of Teachers" (講師泣かせのシスティーナ, Kōshi Nakase no Shisutīna).

While not a welcome nickname, she finds pride in it as proof of her uncompromising and earnest efforts.

Sistine is very easily angered. She has confronted Glenn frequently throughout the series, and she was at her meanest towards him in Episode 1, where she got angry at him several times, challenged him to a student-professor duel (during the duel, she frequently, intentionally, and angrily performed Shock Bolt on him to show that she is much better than him), took off her glove and threw it in his face.

In other episodes, Sistine threw tantrums and got mad at Glenn, and even slapped him in the face, and told him that she hated him, running away crying after that.

She initially hated Glenn Radars before eventually accepting what a good teacher he was, unlike true Tsunderes, who are hostile and cold towards the person they like, before eventually warming up and becoming sweeter.



"Get out!"

"Wh-What do you mean?"

"Jeez! Stop looking at me like that!"


"You idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot!"

"Wh-White cat?! Are you calling me a white cat?!"

"I have a proper name, Sistine—"

"Y-Ye— Hmph! He's an oaf, so he ought to get serious sometimes."

"I hate you!"

"If this is a joke, it isn't funny anymore. We're family."


"Please stop. Please."

"No! Someone, save me!"

"Help me out here!"

"I'm the daughter of the proud Fibel family!"

Abilities Edit

Magic Usage Edit

In Episode 1, Sistine is shown challenging Glenn to a student-professor magic duel, where she frequently used magic to prove that she is better than him.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Redolf Fibel Edit

Redolf is Sistine's late grandfather (on her father's side), not much is known of their relationship, however it was apparent that Sistine was close to her grandfather. This was seen after he was lamenting that he couldn't live to see the theory of his research but Sistine swore to carry on his work and even being greater mage than him as he smiled at her. This meant he was proud of his legacy being continued through his family.

According to Rumia, Sistine studies magic as way to remember Redolf which was shown when Glenn insulted magic causing her to cry and slap him for his words.

Fillyana Fibel Edit

Fillyana Fibel is her mother, she is seen to love her children dearly. Sistine respects her mother and cares for her deeply though she is somewhat scared of her when she has to comically reprimand her husband and does so with a smile.

Leonard Fibel Edit

Leonard Fibel is her father and loves her very much to the point of dotting on his daughter's kind side and angel like beauty. In return, Sistine loves and respects her father very much and though she is put off by his overprotective nature, she truly appreciates his care for her.

Rumia Tingel Edit

Rumia and Sistine are best friends, as they have grown up together when Rumia was abandoned by her mother. Rumia can always tell what Sistine is feeling, as she supports her whenever she needs it.

Alzano Imperial Magic Academy Edit

Glenn Radars Edit

Before she was aware he was her new teacher, she sent him flying after he scared her and Rumia though apologized for it. She was put off by his eccentric manner and set him flying again when he approached Rumia after recognizing her.

She is later shocked to learn he is her teacher and immediately resents Glenn, as shown whem Glenn called her a white cat, believing him to be as incompetent as he looked, due to his lack of enthusiasm. When he insulted magic by stating that it is merely used to kill, she slapped him, ran away crying, and stated that she hated him.

However, she was surprised, when he not only apologized to her for his words, but actually started teaching, and caused her to learn new ways of magic. Through this, she realized he was actually competent, forcing her to begrudgingly accept what a good teacher he was.

Sistine slowly develops respect for Glenn after he saved her from a criminal who was trying to rape her. This deepens after she witnessed his drive and willpower to protect his students after the school was attacked.

While she still has a slight annoyance with his childish behavior, especially when he is kind to Rumia but rude to her, Sistine can't help but be amazed with his teachings.

She also developed respect for him when he saved her from Jin Ganis and was amazed by his magic and combat skills. Her respect would deepen after she sees his willingness to look out for his class such as when he was willing to starve himself, or even give his own life to protect them.

Sistine then developed romantic feelings for him, though she bashfully denies this and acts like a typical tsundere, blushes insanely when near Glenn, which either results in her throwing a tantrum, insulting him, or using her wind magic to launch him high in the sky, though she still respects him, despite his childish behavior. During his fight with Jatice Lowfan, after saving him, Sistine made clear that despite how he acted, or who he was, it did not matter, for just like Rumia, he was someone special to her, and was irreplaceable, and that he should stay by their sides (much like his promise to Rumia three years prior).

Trivia Edit

  • Sistine Fibel ranks #2 in the first popularity poll commemorating the anime broadcast with total 21.026 votes, preceded by Sistine Fibel and followed by Sara Silvers.[3]
  • She later ranks #5 in Fujimi Fantasia Bunko Heroine Contest commemorating the 29th anniverasy of Fujimi Fantasia Bunko.[4]

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