Background Edit

When Sistine was younger, she promised her grandfather that she would unravel the mysteries of the Melgalius' Sky Castle. Her grandfather's death fueled her desire for learning and honing her magic skills.

Plot Edit

A New Instructor Edit

Sistine travels through town to school with Rumia Tingel, they discuss a new teacher for their class. While walking, they are surprised by running man and Sistine uses magic which causes him to fall into a fountain and emerges in an eccentric manner. When the man notices Rumia, he seems to recognize her but Sistine throws him in the sky with her magic and he falls in the fountain again.

The two girls make their way to school where they discover the man from earlier Glenn Radars is their new teacher but is lazy and doesn't bother to teach. This goes on for a few days and Sistine is annoyed by his lack of motivation and respect to her a noble's daughter.

She challenges him to a duel and though worried he would win, she is surprised by his slow magic chants and easily defeats him. This still doesn't change his teaching methods as he still lazes about

When he insulted magic by stating it is merely a tool used to kill, she slapped him, ran away crying, and stated that she hated him. That night, she reflected on her past with her late grandfather and remember what drives her to pursue magic.

The next day, she was surprised, when Glenn not only apologized to her for his words, but actually started teaching, and caused her to learn new ways of magic. Through this, she realized that even though he was terrible in manners he was actually competent, forcing her to begrudgingly accept what a good teacher he was.

One day, criminals barge in the class and Sistine is terrified at threatening the class to kidnap Rumia. She tries to stand up to them and is nearly killed but Rumia gives herself up telling Sistine that she believes Glenn will save her though they are told he is dead. After Rumia is taken, Sistine is then thrown into the room by Jin Ganis with the intent to force himself on her. She tries hold her stance but breaks down, as the man prepared to carry out the act, just as Glenn (who was still alive) arrives in the room interrupting him. He nearly leaves, though she tells him to save her from being assaulted. When Jin tries to attack, she warns Glenn, but he ignores this however, Jin can't attack, due to Glenn revealing a spell on a card that blocks off magic. Sistine is amazed but it is short-lived, since it works on him as well, but this feeling returns when he effortlessly overpowers the man in hand-to hand combat, defeating him.

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