The Fool's World
Magic Type Sealing Magic
Rank Unknown
Target Area of effect
Notable Users Glenn Radars

The Fool's World (愚者の世界 Gusha no Sekai?) is an original unique magic spell created by Glenn Radars.

Abilities Edit

This magic seals all magic activation within a set area around the caster, making it unable for the caster and the opponent to cast any type of spells. The downside to this spell is that the caster can’t use magic within the effective area of the spell. This does not effect spells that are already in use.

Weakness Edit

It has a weakness that it cannot prevent certain magics that are about to activate that are not spells. An example is Tulpas, a technique for manifesting imaginary beings in this world through powerful suggestion while in a trance. It uses the strengthened imagination of a trance instead of spell chant. Since it is not a spell, The Fool's World cannot work.

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